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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 31, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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. >> deborah: this is "inside edition." >> boy overboard. the dad accused of throwing his 7-year-old son overboard. now the man being called the worst dad in america speaks out. >> it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. >> then. open court. mel gibson and his ex let the cameras in and tell the world it is over. and missing mom bombshell. love songs her infatuated father-in-law wrote about her. ♪[ music ]
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>> oh, my goodness. it is a stomach churning... >> plus, the hairdo taking america by storm. the bachman. >> michele bachmann, eat your heart out. >> then, heartbreak for the teen who bought a horse on the internet. >> they are beautiful creatures but would you ever buy one over the internet? >> an eye squad investigation. >> why did you scam all those people? >> your first look at kim kardashian's honeymoon photos. and chaz bono's dancing partner. deborah noville for "inside edition." >> deborah: was it a father who threw his son overboard or horseplay that got out of hand? either way, a father is now facing criminal charges after he allegedly tossed his hill
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boy overboard. >> didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. >> a dad throwing his 7-year- old son off this boat as it cruised along a busy california waterway. he allegedly threw him off the boat because he wouldn't stop crying and he was also seen hitting the boy, charges he angryly denies. >> no hitting, no striking of any kind, no anger whatever. >> reporter: it happened on this boat, the queen. a father and his 7-year-old son were standing toward front of the boat when to the horror of the other passengers the dad allegedly lifted the railing then threw him into the water. passengers immediately called 911. >> i'm a boat called the queen and there is a man that just threw his body overboard. we are out in the middle of the bay. >> reporter: the dad's version of this life threatening event is totally different. >> him and i we were screwing around. i put him over the edge and then he jumped then i went right after him.
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>> reporter: the boy was lucky he wasn't run over by a passing boat on the busy water. the dad didn't see it that way. >> there was no other vehicles around. i didn't see it being unsafe. it was us as a dad and son floating up to the quay. >> reporter: the boy was pulled to safety by someone else on the vessel. some passengers claim he was intoxicated. >> the father on the bolt, he's drunk and violent. >> reporter: witnesses say he had been having an angry argument with his girlfriend before the boy hit the water. but an out of work loan officer denies it. >> i don't know where the anger comes from because we were having a pretty good harbor cruise. we just talk loud, we don't argue at all. >> reporter: the girlfriend is standing by her man. >> if there was striking going on prior to being thrown overboard, don't you think
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people would have came and put his hands behind his back or kind of like tried to citizen's arrest you. >> reporter: he has been charged with child endangerment and resisting arrest but he never thank you his son overboard. >> went over but it was like that quick. >> the father has been freed on bail. >> deborah: after the surprised announcement of who starring on dancing with the stars." who would be paired up with chaz bono. now we know. as controversy even grows about her even being invited to the ballroom. >> we now know her partner. sexy lacy is 23 years old and has danced with the disney channel. >> she's amazing. i'm very lucky. i got exactly the perfect dance partner for me. >> there is growing reaction to the casting of the first
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transgender contestant and some of it is nasty. check out these comments on the dancing with the stars message board. i don't want that lifestyle choice completely flaunted in the media. guess this will not be a family show any longer. but the gay rights group likes chaz joining the cast is a tremendous step forward. another contestant nancy grace. carson wasn't at the big press conference this week because he just replaced ryan o'neil who is recovering from knee surgery. we caught up with carson and hits partner on the set of good morning america. >> i've got a great dancer. i was thinking am i going to get maxum. i didn't even bat an eye because i got answera. >> i'm prettier than them. >> and you are also lighter in
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case i have to lift you over my head. >> already the bookies making odds on the show. george clooney's ex-girlfriend. michele bachmann continues a campaign sweep through florida. where she is talking about energy. now others are talking about her hair. >> they are calling it the bachmann. michele bachmann's signature hair style. the do is getting element as much attention as her politics. >> everybody loves her hair style. have you seen her? it is parted way far on the right. but everybody loves it. >> just like what sarah palin's famous up-do women and yes even democrats are lining up to get the outspoken presidential candidate's cut. >> it is classic. it is clean. and i don't see any reason why any woman wouldn't want it.
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>> running stopped by a new york salon for a bachmann makeover. >> i would say between 30 and 55 that are requesting this look. >> and i'm not conservative and i love it. and i'm not republican either. >> a quick trim then blowing dry the hair into the bachmann. but how does the candidate stay so polished campaign after campaign stop? the trick, lots of hairspray. >> just a little bit more loose and casual. okay. straight into place. a little bit more conservative. >> a classic look that is really catching on. just ask dave letterman. >> seven getting the michel
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>> deborah: doesn't she like any privacy.
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once again kim kardashian invited the cameras to tag along this time on her honeymoon. >> a sneak peek at kim kardashian's honeymoon. seen with her husband nba star kris humphries. the photos are inside the new issue of us weekly magazine on stands today which features kim in her string bikini on her cover. justin bieber car crash. another car bumped into him. apparently no damage and no one was hurt. the accident happened just a day after justin won best male video at the mtv video awards. remember this moment during chris brown's performance? he tosses his rolex into the crowd. $22,000 diamond encrusted beauty. here is what happened. during his routine the watch came loose. chris thought he was tossing it onto the stage so he could finish his performance but he
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actually threw it into the audience. the person that caught it returned the watch to chris' bodyguards. >> deborah: the susan powell disappearance took a twist this month when it was revealed there was a weird relationship between susan and her father-in- law. now it is even stranger with news of several love songs he reported hurricane composed of her. >> may be the most bizarre twist yet in the susan powell mystery. the missing mom's father-in-law recorded love songs we are learning that her friends say he composed about susan. ♪[ music ] >> steve powell has already made the shocking claim on national t.v. that he was in love with his daughter in law and that she supposed hurricane came on to him.
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>> i wasn't going to turn down an opportunity with this beautiful woman even though she was my son's wife. >> now these love songs have just been discovered on a website " of steve powell's. -to this song titled "i said i love you" that susan's friends say is all about her. ♪ you made my eyes pop out of their sockets. you could empty all my pockets. this flirtation isn't rocket science. you came along and really knocked my socks off ♪ ♪ now you're all i think and talk of. so much for my former self- reliance ♪ >> i spoke to one of of susan's closest friends. she says susan told her she rejected her father-in-law's advances and even moved from
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seattle to utah to get away from him. that led him to write this song "i'm missing you." ♪ i can love you in a secret way. i can love you each and every day ♪ ♪ there is nothing i can't see. there is nothing you can't be. it's not perfect but i'm missing you ♪ >> i can love new a secret way. does that sound at all to you like some of the conversations that you had with susan about her father-in-law? >> definitely. after she moved out he still continued to write her letters and ask her out on through the hers. and he at one point -- at one point she told me he sent her picture of himself, pictures nude. >> leaving a head scratching reaction on fox news. >> it is a stomach churning. >> susan has been missing nearly two years and up to now police have said her husband
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josh is their only person of interest in her disappearance. steve powell didn't return our calls for comment about his love songs to susan. >> it is completely disgusting and inappropriate. ♪ i can love you in a secret way ♪ >> susan's husband josh denies having anything to do with her disappearance. when we come back mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend finally end their bitter battle in open court. >> closed-captioning sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by...
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>> deborah: it is over. the long running often hateful fued between mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend has ended. crediblely the proceedings were held in open court. >> mel and his ex-girlfriend come face-to-face in court and finally bring an end to their knockdown dragout legal war. cameras were allowed into the courtroom as the movie star and
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his former girlfriend reached a deal in their bitter fight. it is the first time their normally secret proceedings have been open to the public. >> it is very possible that the parties here decided not to oppose cameras instead saying we have gotten so much horrible negative publicity let's show the world we are getting along. >> they refused to even glance at each other during the hearing. gibson will pay a total of $750,000 to her spread over four years. he was also ordered to set up a trust fund for the child, his daughter. both thanked the judge for mediating the agreement. >> thanks, your honor, also for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion. >> your honor, i would like to thank you. you have been a tremendous help to resolve this matter. >> the two were in love and they were in love for three years. the child was born out of love
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and she was a planned child. >> deborah: it is every girl's dream to have a horse. yet when the family you are about to meet bought a horse it turned out to be a horse of a different color. in one case literally. here is the eye squad investigation. >> reporter: she loves horses. since she was a little girl she has been competing in horse shows just like elizabeth taylor in "national velvet." one of her favorite movies. she own saved up her own money to buy one. >> i had saved up my allowance money from my grandpa and mom and dad for three years. >> they saw an ad online that described the horse at bomb proof, a term that means perfect for teens. the horse was named red mare. >> they are beautiful creatures. but would you ever buy one over
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the internet? that's exactly what dozens of people across the country did believing the photos and descriptions of the horses they were buying were true. but something very strange happened when red mare was delivered. for one thing it was the dead of night. she department get a good look until the next morning. >> when you met red mare what did you do? >> i started crying. >> she was in such bad shape she couldn't walk on her back legs and worse, she was totally wild. >> my daughter could have been killed. >> when trina kenny sold red mare she told mariesa's mom her own daughter had been riding the gentle horse for a full year. the sales record says she had bought red mare for $400 at auction just three weeks earlier. >> as a mother i don't see how she cannot have remorse or guilt for that, for what she has done. >> i have been ripped off. >> susan bond also bought a
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horse from kenny. she paid $5000 for king arthur which was supposed to be calm and rideable for her young daughter. once again, the horse was delivered in the dark of night. sound familiar? >> in the light of day i see an emaciated animal. his ribs protruding. >> 500 pounds under weight and had been horriblely abused. >> he was tied up and from his yanking he cut his own throat. so he had about an inch deep gash all the way around and that wide around his entire head. >> turns out king arthur is also a thoroughbred, known for their high strung ways. >> i couldn't take a track horse and put my 8-year-old daughter on his back. >> kenny's victim come from all over the united states.
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>> kenny made $200,000 selling horses like red mare and king arthur police said. she actually had the nerve to take sick old horses and paint them black to make them look like an expensive breed. in this photo you can see black paint fading from the hind leg of a brown horse. >> why did you scam all those people? >> our producer caught up with her in a parking lot in southern california. >> i did not do these things. >> the u.s. attorney called you a fraud. basically said you're a scam artist. >> they did. there is nothing i can do about that now. >> and with that final denial of wrongdoing trinna kenny drove off to federal prison to begin serving three years behind bars. >> both of the horses in this report were rehabilitated by the families who bought them. an arizona man is doing okay
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after being cut with pruning sheers. >> pruning sheers embedded in the face of a man following a freak gardening accident. >> take a look at this picture again. >> incredibly the 86-year-old man not only survived he is just fine. he can even still see from that eye. >> and i felt up there, i sort of pulled and seemed real solid so i just left it alone and realized that it was the clippers. >> we have seen these sort of x- rays before and they never fail to amaze us. that's actually a car key embedded in the brain of a 17- month-old boy. it happened when he was running with the keys in his hand and tripped. don't worry, he is fine. >> we are reminded every day when we look at his beautiful blue ice of what a miracle it truly is. >> this 2-year-old girl fell on
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a screwdriver. it poked right through her eye and into her brain. >> i'm thinking she is going to die. i'm going to lose my baby. >> incredibly the child is a- okay too. remember the little girl with the safety pin lodged in her nose? so how did it get there? >> i don't remember. >> turns out lexie stuck the pin in her nose when she was a year old. incredibly remained there for five years before she started complaining about nosebleeds. and this may be the most shocking of all. a construction worker with six nails embedded in his skull after he fell and accidentally triggered a nail gun. another startling x-ray with a happy ending. >> up next, a story you can watch. a star is born. wait until you hear this kid's voice. >> closed-captioning sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you about...
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>> deborah: still to come. the little girl with the great big voice. next.
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>> deborah: finally here is a show stopper. a hill girl with a great big voice. >> can you believe the big voice coming out of this little girl? she sang the song made famous by jennifer hudson in "dream girl." the 11-year-old knocks it out of the park and wins over the judges in the version
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>> lights, camera, "access." >> here we go! >> but we've got where they've been. i'm billy bush with the new photos and do not disturb details of kim and chris'
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italian honeymoon. >> partners -- >> the dancing pairs revealed. who's with chaz? who will rumba with returning derek? and which team looks like the one to beat? >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> move over, tiger. fellow oscar de la hoya reveals his own fall from grace. >> did you become a sex addict as a result of the drinking and cocaine? >> can they handle another piece of pie? our "american pie" reunion exclusive. brace yourself for the secret scene. >> plus that clooney charm invades venice. >> the kim and kris honeymoon photos revealed. welcome to "access hollywood." we have every single -- almost every single honeymoon detail. >> i don't know where we are. >> kim's new husband kris joking with papparazzi while
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visiting new jersey just four days after returning from his honeymoon in italy. here are some honeymoon photos of bikini clad kim with her arms locked around the lucky new husband gazing into each other's eyes while lounging poolside. >> kim didn't think they were going to have time for a honeymoon until next summer but kris surprised her with a trip to the coast. >> "us weekly" reports the newlyweds stayed for three days in an over $3,000 a night romeo and juliet suite making use of the do not disturb sign. kim saying "we caught up on alone time." in the morning, "us weekly" reports kim and kris ate breakfast on their balcony with views of the mediterranean sea, the afternoons were spent soaking up the sun. >> there's one point where kris threw kim into the pool and they were canoodling and kissing and having a really romantic time. kim wants to have a baby and wants a big family and kris is a lot younger but he's good to go. >> and tonight, kim and kris
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will be making their first public appearance together since their wedding. we'll have that for you tomorrow. yesterday, we revealed the new cast of "dancing with the stars." today, they're partners. >> i look at this as a challenge for myself personally to make myself proud. a challenge especially for my partner to make her proud. >> did you get one of the hot ones? those partners are -- >> there's a couple of them. wowser. >> david's got a hot one all right. kim johnson who danced her way to the mirror ball trophy last season with heinz ward. many of the castmates are calling him the one to beat. >> i'm really excited about being a part of this cast and this -- having partner who is going to teach me all these amazing moves. >> i was really nervous before i met my partner and then i met him and i loved him. >> here's who i wanted when i walked in. i was like yes, thank god! >> can't blame a girl for wanting two time champ mark ballas. robert kardashian's also got himself a two time champ in cheryl burke. >> i'm kind of guessing.
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i had to guess like who you might be with. i'm thinking lacy. i'm thinking lacy, something saucy. >> my "access hollywood live" co-host kit hoover guessed right as announced on "good morning america" today. chaz will be taking to the dance floor lacy schwimmer. >> ricki lake will be dancing with three time champ derek hough. >> after taking last season off to shoot a movie, fan favorite derek hough will make a formidable pair with ricki lake. she tweeted this photo and max hipted he may not return after dancing to second place with kirstie ali, he's back and there with hope solo. back in july, he named hope as his dream partner and these preseason frontrunners are already hard at work. >> i'm supposed to be ladylike. my partner said start acting ladylike. >> joining the cast for the first time, val will make a pretty pair with george clooney's ex, feeling good after just a couple of rehearsals. >> i was nervous at the
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beginning but now i'm -- after three days, i'm ok. i can make it. maybe i can make it the first one. the first dance. >> won't be here. >> georgeo clooney arrived at the venice film festival like a conquering hero to promote his latest. george directs and stars in the film about a troubled u.s. presidential candidate. >> are you worried that international audiences will understand the film very well? >> i don't know if they will. you hope the american audience understands your films. >> george who happily signed autographs and posed with the fans. >> got it. >> and posed with his cast that includes phillip seymour hoffman, marissa tomei. now a stunning interview with oscar de la hoya. he admits to cocaine and alcohol
7:35 pm
abuse as well as womanizing. don't call him tiger woods. >> my life was a big mess. rock bottom was recently, within a couple of years. just thinking, you know, that my life is even worth it. i would have the strength, i don't have the courage to take my own life. >> suicidal thoughts from boxing's golden boy, thoughts of drug and alcohol abuse. >> my drug of choice is cocaine. and alcohol. cocaine was recent. in the last two years, 2 1/2 years. and i depended more on the alcohol than the cocaine. >> oscar revealed his battles with rodriguez from univision. >> would you also consider yourself a sex addict? >> i don't consider myself a sex addict. it was -- i've been unfaithful to my wife. i was unfaithful. >> more than once? >> yes. obviously not talking a tiger woods here.
7:36 pm
it was filling the void of maybe not feeling loved and not feeling safe. >> oscar and his wife separated but are now working on their relationship. >> we're taking it one day at a time. all i can do is get myself better. and i don't want to explain to her anymore that i'm doing well. i want to show her. to be an alcoholic, it's a 24/7 job. and i just got tired. i was tired of it. i wanted this for myself, a clean, sober life. much better. >> tgif time. it's a fact mel gibson was in court today where a judge ordered him to pay his ex-girlfriend oksana $750,000. the agreement also calls for mel to continue paying for multimillion dollar home for oksama and their daughter who turns 2 in late october. when the girl turns 18, the home will be sold and the proceeds will go to her.
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>> ♪ party with music >> and it's a tgif fact there was a scary moment on last night's "america's got talent." two gymnasts from the high flying act nearly went up in flames after failing to dive through a ring of fire. >> no one was injured. but the accident left howie a bit shaken. >> the first time people caught on fire. i hope it never happens again. i hate that i was witness to it. it made for a scary episode. >> it's a tgif fact that martin sheen and emilio estevez have embarked on a cross country journey. >> like a father-son rock star duo, martin sheen and emilio estevez are traveling the country in a decked out tour bus for the next two months. >> you want some privacy? >> as all passers-by will see the purpose of the eight week trip is to promote their new
7:38 pm
film "the way." >> come on, father-son trip. it will be fun. >> and before the movie opens in october, it's clear the family dynamic will be tested. >> first, really long journey begins the biggest. >> no. from phoenix to vegas. >> but emilio took on the more parental role for "the way" both writing and directing it. shooting this scene proved difficult for everyone. >> i didn't realize how cold the water was or how swift. when i realized, you know, that i was here, i -- >> then all the clothes filled up with water. >> i couldn't reach it. >> and even though they'll be on tour, martin will still be a part of his son charlie sheen's comedy central roast. martin taped a spot for the show. and surely, not accidentally, sheen's roast will air on the same night as the retooled "two and a half men."
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september 19th. >> maybe set the dvr for both? >> is there a dvr in this car? >> what is a dvr? >> after the first movie accident we never looked at dessert the same way again. our "american pie" reunion movie exclusive. >> i do crazier things in this movie than i have in either of the three previous movies. >> then you can call dolly parton a legend, that voice, not to mention those curves which are then dangerous on occasion. >> just right down the middle. >> first, what did we do to jimmy fallon? >> find out next.
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>> the people are coming to the
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windows. look at the "we love jimmy" signs up there. >> what's not to love about late night's most talented guy? what a sweet guy he is, too. on "access hollywood live", jimmy fallon made the laborious commute from the seventh floor 30 rock to the sixth floor balcony. for a great story about mom and a dad. >> it was so embarrassing, i don't want to make a big deal. let's go out. we go out and we sit down at this table and, you know, she's like, yeah, i'm here, yeah, you must recognize him. you recognize me from, you know, being with him on tv, you know, something like that. she waved. i go ok, please don't embarrass me. so she gets this food. this is a true story and it's a lamb chop or something. she's like where is it? where is it? they're not bringing it. mom, please don't embarrass me. calm down. she gets this lamb chop, whatever. gets this food. she's eating. she starts to choke. and i go she's choeking and my dad starts putting his finger in
7:43 pm
her mouth and some lady comes over, knocks out the table and starts giving my mom the heimlich. my mom is like -- and i'm going -- i'm just sitting there going thanks for not embarrassing me. >> did it come out? did it fly out? >> yeah, a lamb bone flew out of her mouth, hit the side of the wall and i'm sitting there, she's crying like -- water. and i was like, i can't believe -- and i go thanks for not embarrassing me. my dad, of course, goes let us finish dinner. you're not finishing dinner. we're getting out of here and i'm putting a mask on. >> i'm glad mom is ok. jessica is busier than ever starring in "the help" and with brad pitt. the 30-year-old is making her mark alongside helen miren and sam worthington in the espionage thriller and our movie critic found out this new leading lady is on the brink of breaking out.
7:44 pm
>> what? >> isn't it crazy? >> it's perfect! >> especially when you think, ok, tree of life. "the help" and now very, very different roles all coming out at once. it's very exciting. >> rising star jessica chastain is having a dream summer but it's her role on the hunt for a nazi war criminal in "the debt" that she found the most challenging. >> welcome to the mission. >> the physical training. >> yeah, it's the fight to be in the israeli defense army and i worked out for about 3 1/2 months learning that and then i'll tell you, that stuff is fierce! it's about trying to kill your opponent as quickly as possible just like that. >> going to mess with you? >> don't mess with me. i'm tough. you've seen me. >> jessica blaze, the younger version of helen miren's character. for a while, they don't share any scenes together. jessica left quite an impression on the oscar winner. >> she's really dedicated. she's there for the work, not
7:45 pm
for the sort of fame and fortune in the red carpet side of things, you know, she's the real deal. >> that's today's fresh buzz brought to you by subway restaurant. >> straight ahead, what elvis wanted from dolly but she just couldn't give it. >> heart broken! and i said well -- >> then secrets from the "american pie" reunion set. is this gang as raunchy off camera as they are on? >> have you ever dreamed about re-enacting the scene here? we have the pie. >> later in the final 45. >> oh, we had sex! >> next.
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>> illegal channels? this is just bad reception, honey. >> oh, come on, girl. >> what's that? >> a classic moment from the first american pie back in 1999. well, flash forward 12 years and all of the original cast is reuniting and as we found out, there's a whole lot of catching up to do. >> you don't want to -- >> come on! >> come on! >> the guys are back and just as lewd and crude as ever serving up four slices of pie. the story picks up with their 10-year class reunion. >> i think i do crazier things in this movie than i have in either of the three previous movies. >> what exactly does it feel like? >> warm apple pie. >> hard to imagine that anything could possibly top jason biggs' pie moment from the
7:48 pm
1999 original. >> right as we were about to do it, i was like am i going to do this? this is kind of crazy. maybe -- am i really about to like drop my drawers and like -- and really get biblical with this pie. >> have you ever dreamed about re-enacting the scene here? because we have the pie. >> i have dreamt of it with, of course, somebody else on the pie. >> the first movie grossed over $235 million worldwide and made stars of the unknown cast who really bonded despite their closeness, tara reed told us there were no romances off camera. >> first movie i've ever done. >> tara who just got married in real life faced her share of media scrutiny in the years following "american pie." >> it's horrible, you know, you read it and you're like oh, my
7:49 pm
gosh, it's so not worth it. kind of make -- it's hard to believe. >> dolly parton has a new tour and brand new album called "better day" out in stores now. our guest correspondent jade donvan met up with the icon who not only wows us with her music but also with her jaw dropping wardrobe. i've always been -- >> dolly loves to play dressup and she's had a whole lot of looks over the years and wig after wig after wig. >> have you ever had any like wardrobe or hair malfunction? >> yes, many times. in fact, speaking of the hair, years ago, when i was working with the porter wagonor show, he had a little fiddle player. i had my hair real tall but had a piece on the top of my head and he got his bow in my hair and it just lifted my piece up in the air. of course, the audience could see it and i've always been good
7:50 pm
about whatever happens, you play it. it's part of the show. what are you gonna do? >> one thing dolly would never do is show too much skin. even her 1978 "playboy" cover was there. >> i was on the cover wearing the little bunny ears and the little, you know, like the bathing suit, didn't even show the bottom of it. i never even thought once about doing a layout or posing nude. that's not my style. >> ♪ you and i >> dolly is currently on tour in support of her new album "better day". her show features new songs and dolly's classic like "i will always love you" she recently performed this on country music television as seen in this you tube video. >> ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> i heard a rumor that elvis was going to -- or always wanted to cover "i will always love
7:51 pm
you." >> actually, elvis had "i will always love you" on a list of songs he was recording and he had it all planned and i heard that he loved it and they had called me. and i was so excited. and i told everybody. but colonel tom calls me, just before the session and says you do know that we don't record any songs with elvis unless we get to publish them. >> colonel tom was elvis' tough as nails manager. he insisted on ownership of dolly's song or no deal. >> no, i was heart broken and i said well, this is, you know, this has already been out. i already had, you know, my hit of it so i can't give you publishing. so he said well, we can't do it. sure enough, they didn't. he loved this song but colonel tom was a great man. can't fault him for that. but anyway, years later, when whitney did it, i was so glad that i had the full publishing on the song and that i hadn't given any of it away. >> coming up in the final 45, the desperate housewives cast takes a pop quiz.
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find out who knows the most about their own show and who knows the least.
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>> time now for the final 45. the search season dvd of "desperate housewives" is out now and packed with plenty of extras including an impromptu cast pop quiz. bye, everybody. >> in what town is wisteria lane? >> the town of -- >> umm. >> do we have buzzers? >> fairview. >> fairview. bingo. >> what is your address on wisteria lane?
7:56 pm
>> do we have addresses? >> boy. >> not a chance. >> i think there's a 4 in it. >> 5243. >> i think there's a 7 in it. >> i don't know. >> 4. >> say it again with the same conviction. >> 4353. >> who has sex with her ex-husband on her wedding day? >> me! >> wasn't felicity. wasn't me. didn't ever get married? >> susan. you did? eva? >> eva? >> we had sex! with your pick tr wednesday, august thirty-first: , , . making your pick three numbers: , . and . the bonus match five doubler is
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ending soon! visit your favorite maryland lottery retailer and play bonus match 5 today for your chance to double your winnings. moving right over to the pick four game, drawing official lou cerrato is set, the balls are dancing, and your pick four numbers are: , , , and . that makes your pick four numbers: , , and . the maryland lottery, let yourself play!
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